Hello this website is Just a Part of my Small Creativity & making my Existence on the Global Network Of Internet. It's not a Commercial Website to promote any product or any type of services. This Website is totally Dedicated to VIPIN JAIN, a simple person living In West Delhi with his Family.

1) www.Vipin-Jain.com

2) www.VipinJain.in

Both Domain's are Registered & Maintained by VIPIN JAIN.

About My Self

1) Loving, Caring, Friendly, Sensitive, Smiles a Lot, Very Naughty...

2) Luv making New friends and Interacting with more and more New People and also Talk Too Much and Bahut Questions Puchta hu.

3) Damm Crazy about Mobile's / Outing's at Hill Station's / Movie's / Photography.

4) Hobbies :: Chatting with Friends on SMS n Gtalk / Biking on Hills / Rash Car Driving on Highways / Watching at least 1 Movie on Every Weekend.

5) Believes in GOD a Lot.

6) Believes in Living Life to the Fullest

7) Loves Dancing , Soft Music & Parties

8) Believes in Making New Friends

9) Prefer Minimum 1 Hill Station Tour in Every 3 Months

10) Follows Happy-Go-Lucky Nature

11) A Damn Emotional Bastard.

12) Biggest Bad Habbit :: Very Very Moody

13) I Just LUV "Priyanka Chopra " a lot...!!!

14) Zindagi ka EK hee Aasul, Bus ITNi Jagah Ghumna Chahata hu ki When I will sit in the Year 2050 with my GUlabo then She Must say...." UFFFFF...tussi bhi na kasam se Vadde ghumte ho...!!!

15) Keep Visiting New Hill Stations to find a Perfect Place for "MY JANNAT" ....

16) My 3 PoWers :: Lord Shiva + Maa VaishNoDevi + Lord Parashnath

17) CRUSH :: Yami Gupta, Anjana Sukhani & Archana Gupta (All r TV Actress)